Looking to bring more excitement to your POV snowboarding videos? A new case called Vitrima is in the works, which would enable GoPro action cameras to record 3D video. The lens attachment uses mirrors to deliver two images to the GoPro camera’s own lens. The resulting resulting stereoscopic videos appear to be 3D when viewed through a VR viewer like Google Cardboard or the Gear VR.

The Vitrima lens is waterproof and will ship already attached to a standard GoPro camera housing, and can also be used with various mounts. Because the lens is simply composed of carefully arranged mirrors, it works out of the box without any software. Though the resulting videos won't feature 3D audio, the lens – which will cost $50 when the product launches – presents a low-cost way for someone to record 3D videos without purchasing a dedicated 3D camera like the $799 Vuze VR camera.

The website lists Vitrima as 'launching soon.'