Under iOS 13 more recent Apple iPhones are capable of simultaneously recording video with several cameras. This feature was first demonstrated by the people behind the popular Filmic Pro video app at the iPhone 11 launch event.

Now Filmic Pro has made multi-camera recording available in an app, but it's not Filmic Pro. Instead, the company has created a new stand-alone app called Double Take.

Double Take is a simpler app than Filmic Pro, aimed at users who don't want to fight their way through a jungle of options. Filmic calls it a tool for everything from 'professional broadcast-style news interviews to YouTubers capturing multiple angles during live events.' Still, it comes with a variety of shooting modes that allow you to shoot either with front and rear cam at the same time or shoot with two different focal lengths on the rear cam (iPhone 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro and 11 only).

In Shot/Reverse Shot mode you can record two full size 1080p clips with the front and rear cameras. This will create A/B tracks that you can switch between in editing. This mode is useful for capturing the interaction between two actors or an interviewer and their subject, for example.

In Varied Rear Lenses mode you can record with any two available rear cameras at the same time and create a Picture-in-Picture (PiP) view. The PiP can be moved around inside the main video and its size is adjustable.

Splitscreen Composite Mode lets you record side-by-side footage using any two cameras. The final output footage shows a 50/50 split-screen effect and is saved as a single composite video. More information is available on the Filmic website. You can download Double Take from the App Store for free.