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When Dpreview's Studio Manager Kelcey Smith finished reworking our new and improved studio test scene last month we were especially excited about what it meant for our reviews here on Connect.

The new and larger test scene is especially valuable for looking at the fixed wide-angle lens cameras of smartphones, which could not be as accurately examined using our former smaller test scene. Our newly established protocol for shooting the scene as well as processing the results offers us more accurate real world information about all cameras we test. We're pleased to be able share our results about new and upcoming devices, and, when applicable, to also re-examine some older mobile devices in our new test scene.

With Nokia's "Pureview" technology continuing to make headlines as it's announced for new devices like the Lumia 1520, we thought it might be worth another look at the device that debuted Pureview. We recently put the 2012-launched Nokia 808 through our new studio test scene and into our comparison tool. Now you can examine the first iteration of Pureview with the most recent model in production, this year's Lumia 1020

Each were tested in 38MP full-resolution mode for this scene.