Cinema camera maker Red has announced its first foray into the smartphone market with Hydrogen One, an Android device with a 5.7" display. That screen is the center of attention in the limited information Red has provided, emphasizing its ability to switch from a traditional 2D display to a 3D/VR/AR/holographic display thanks to 'nanotechnology.'

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Red states that the Hydrogen One will integrate with its family of professional video cameras as a monitor and user interface for Scarlet, Weapon and Epic cameras. It will also offer a proprietary algorithm to convert stereo sound into 'multi-dimensional audio,' a microSD card slot and USB-C charging.

The Hydrogen One will be able to host modular accessories a la Moto mods, as mentioned in the announcement and evidenced by the contacts pictured in the image above. Red mentions that this will be a means by which the device will be able to capture 'higher quality motion and still images as well as Hydrogen format holographic images.' No details are provided about an on-board camera at this time.

The Red Hydrogen One is being offered in Aluminum for $1195 and Titanium for $1595 as special pre-order prices. Shipping is planned for Q1 of 2018; Final pricing for the device has yet to be determined.