Muku Shuttr is available in black or white and comes with a suction stand that attaches to the smartphone. Depending on final funding, the remote release may be available in other colors as well.

Muku Shuttr's Kickstarter campaign has exceeded its goal but you only have until August 9th to be one of the first to receive this tiny remote shutter for your iOS or Android devices. With a current minimum backing of $29 for an October delivery date, you'll get this 6mm thin accessory, and a suction stand, that triggers your mobile camera via Bluetooth 3.0 from up to 30 feet away. The Muku Shuttr does not require line-of-sight to communicate with a compatible mobile device, so you can easily shoot stills or videos is when, for example, the release is in your pocket.

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With few exceptions, the remote shutter release does not require an app to function. Simply turn it on, switch it to iOS or Android and  pair it with your mobile device. (It can be paired/un-paried/re-paired with different devices.)

You can shoot stills or videos, although the latter may  have to be re-started if the shutter release goes to sleep during a longer clip. Testing indicates that the Muku Shuttr will work with Camera+ and 645 Pro third-party iOS camera apps. The Muku Shuttr can also be paired with Mac and Windows computers to remotely run PowerPoint presentations.

The Muku Shuttr is compatible with iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S and 5; iPod Touch 5th generation or newer; iPad 2 and above; and iPad Mini. No app is needed devices with cameras running iOS 5.0 or later.

On the Android side, the shutter release works with Android Bluetooth 3.0/Android 4.1 and later. No app is required for Samsung Galaxy S4, S3, Notes 2/8/10.2, LG Nexus 4. However, HTC One, One X+ and Sony Experia S/Z users will need to download an app from Google Play.  

Muku Labs estimates that the RC2025 battery will last up to two years if you turn off the shutter release after every use. The battery is readily available to consumers and is user-replaceable. 

Extremely simple to use, the Muku Shuttr has two switches (on/off; iOS/Android) and a shutter release button.