The image sharing platform and filter app EyeEm has today announced a major update. Version 5.0 of the Android and iOS app adds a bunch of new editing options and a feature that allows you to see the edits that other photographers have applied to their images and use them on your own pictures.

Overall, EyeEm now offers 24 effect filters with adjustable intensity that have been arranged in categories such as Fresh, Soft, Urban or Vintage to make it easier to find what you are looking for. In addition to the new filters the team has introduced a number of editing tools including contrast, brightness and saturation, taking EyeEm closer to the territory of fully-fledged editing apps. There is also a new advanced perspective correction tool that should be handy in architecture photography and when correcting for converging lines.

Open Edit lets you explore the editing steps applied by other photographers.

The most interesting new feature is arguably Open Edit which allows you to see the edits used by other photographers on their images. If you like an editing style you can then try it on your own pictures. Some images will show an Open Edit icon. If you tap on it the filters and editing tools used will be revealed. Another tap lets you try the same on your photos. Currently only the pictures of a selected few photographers are explorable with Open Edit but the feature will be gradually rolled out across all users. For more information on the new features watch the video below or download EyeEm 5.0 from Google Play or the Apple App Store.

Via: EyeEm Blog