CP+ might’ve been cancelled due to COVID-19 concerns, but Olympus has improvised and shared its presentation on YouTube instead. The 44-minute video covers a variety of topics, but two specific moments stand out.

The first is a demonstration Olympus shared showing just how much zoom you can get out of the Olympus 150–400mm F4.5 lens. One demonstration, seen in the above screenshot from the video, shows a photograph captured with the sun setting over Mount Fuji, captured a ridiculous 67km (42 miles) away, at Olympus’ Ishikawa facility. To capture the shot, Olympus used the 1.25x converter inside the lens as well as the MC-20 2x converter to achieve a 2000mm (35mm equivalent) focal length.

A screenshot from the presentation contextualizing just how far away the photograph and timelapse images were captured from.

The next demonstration with the lens was a hand-held shot of the moon, seen in the below screenshot from the video, captured with the exact same camera setup.

In addition to both images, Olympus also shows a short timelapse video of the sunset over Mount Fuji (the section on the 150–400mm F4.5 lens starts at roughly 36:00).

The above captions in the image are auto-translated via YouTube.

Olympus representatives also note later on in the video that more lenses are in development. However, no further information was given.