2022 Northern Lights Photographer of the Year winners
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2022 Northern Lights Photographer of the Year winners

The 25 winning images from the 5th edition of Northern Lights Photographer of the Year have been announced. Capture the Atlas is a travel blog co-run by Dan Zafra. Throughout the year, a list of what he deems the best takes of the Northern Lights is culled into a collection. Images from both established and up-and-coming photographers qualify for the final cut. Zafra is also intrigued by captures of new locations that haven't been photographed too frequently.

The winners were created by 25 photographers of 13 nationalities. Locations cover numerous countries including the United States, Canada, Finland, Norway, Iceland, Russia and New Zealand. Rare scenes shot in Denmark and the State of Michigan are included in this round up. Zafra also places emphasis on stories the photographers share alongside their work.

'It is hard to imagine that these lights happen 80 kilometers above out heads and yet it covers the frame.'

'Capture the Atlas does such a wonderful job curating the most inspirational Northern Lights photographs from around the world. It's humbling to be included! Seeing the collection as a whole inspired me to keep "reaching for the stars" so to speak,' says Marybeth Kiczenski, who won for her portrayal of Michigan's Point Betsie lighthouse.

'I am honored to be among the selected images in this collection. There are many photographers that capture the Auroras these days and I am glad my image caught the attention this year,' adds Tor-Ivar Næss. 'If I think about what inspired the shot, it must be to show some sense of scale. It is hard to imagine that these lights happen 80 kilometers above our heads and yet they cover the frame.'

If you're looking for more information on getting started with Northern Lights photography, Capture the Atlas provides numerous resources. Zafra also encourages you to message him back and share your photography journey when you sign up for the newsletter. All winning images can be viewed on the main site.