For anyone wondering what the inside of the Kodak film factory looks like Bill Manning’s video tour of parts of the plant might offer a bit of an insight. Bill, from film-enthusiast website Studio C-41, was invited to see the film manufacturing process at the company’s Rochester headquarters and made a video that combines a little history of the Yellow Giant as well as some behind the scenes footage that shows some of the steps.

In the film a Kodak guide explains what is going on and what certain machines do, while cut-away footage introduces the Kodak founder as well as some of the company’s historic cameras. While obviously the emulsion coating is done in the dark and can’t be shown, we do get to see preparation of the film base, the film in its cut form and parts of the process for making the film canisters.

Studio C-41 also has a podcast interview with Kodak staff from 2018 that goes into more depth about how its film is made.