Phase One has published a video on its YouTube channel teasing some kind of update for its XT Camera system.

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It’s difficult to tell exactly what Phase One is alluding to in the 18 seconds of teaser footage, but from what I can tell, it appears as though the XT Camera shown off is pretty much unchanged from the one currently available. What is new, however, is a silver knob atop the Rodenstock HR lens, which suggests we should see some tilt functionality added.

The Rodenstock HR lenses available for the Phase One XT already have shift by as much as 12mm up, down, left and right. But the ability to tilt is notably absent, unless you go with a third-party lens from Cambo with integrated tilt functionality. If the teaser video is showing off new tilt functionality, it’s probably safe to assume that, like the shift data, the tilt data would get saved to the image file for referencing later if needed.

the Phase One XT Camera with the five Rodenstock HR lenses available alongside it.

Whereas Phase One’s XF camera system is more designed for the studio, the XT is deemed a ‘field camera,’ meant more for landscape photography. In fact, Phase One goes so far as to say it’s ‘The world’s only camera dedicated to landscape photography.’ While we often look to tilt/shift lenses for architectural photography, adjusting for both tilt and shift in landscape images can help with capturing panorama images without needing to move the lens and help correct for perspective in-camera to keep vertical lines from converging in scenes.

There may be more to the announcement as well, but if so, it doesn’t appear to be visible in the short teaser. Phase One says the ‘exciting news’ will drop ‘next week.’