A Kickstarter project that just launched is aiming to raise funding for production and distribution of the Vimble S smartphone gimbal. The Vimble S is a three-axis motorized image stabilizer that is compatible with a large range of smartphones, including Apple's iPhone models, the Huawei P9, Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy and other devices with similar dimensions. The gimbal communicates with the phone via a Bluetooth connection and folds down to about 11.2 inches when not in use.

A range of physical controls on the handle allow you to adjust the smartphone camera's exposure, zoom, focus, and white balance and trigger the shutter. The gimbal's motor keeps the camera steady, allowing for the recording of smooth video and still image shooting at slow shutter speeds. However, it also gives the Vimble S a number of intelligent functions, which are controlled via a dedicated app. Those include the ability to track faces, allowing for video-selfies, shoot panorama images with automated panning and record time-lapses.

The engineers behind the project say the Vimble S has a battery life of 8 hours and a very quiet motor. The handle is designed to also function as a monopod. With 29 days to go currently, the campaign is a good way to reaching its funding goal. If the feature set sounds like what you have been waiting for, you can secure a Vimble S by pledging $179 or more on the Vimble S Kickstarter page. Shipping is planned for January 2017.

Press Release:

Vimble S, the gimbal stabilizer for smartphones, allows everyone to capture professional-quality video

Never capture shaky video again, available on Kickstarter from US$179

November 15, 2016 (Hong Kong) - Today Vimble S, a 3-axis gimbal stabilizer specifically engineered for smartphones, launches on Kickstarter. The intelligent monopod ensures, no matter what, that your smartphone stays stable while filming, producing silky smooth video and sharp photos. It’s also accompanied by a feature-packed app, ViCam, allowing users to create stunning time-lapses, track selected faces for perfect selfies and snap effortless 180° panoramic vistas. 


Aiming to provide everyone with a professional yet affordable way to shoot high-quality video and images, Vimble S has been expertly designed to produce fantastic content in every situation.

Vimble S perfectly balances smartphones to cancel out unwanted movement in a 3-axis space, counteracting any jarring wobbles or shakes. Its motors are silent too, so not to disturb the footage audio. The handle embraces ergonomic design, with the integrated control panel easily accessible with just one hand, allowing users to easily operate every aspect of the gimbal’s movement and camera settings. 

Vimble S also comes with a companion app, ViCam, specifically developed to control each of the smart shooting features available. Create beautiful montages of passing time with a few simple clicks. Automatically centre on your subject with ViCam’s face tracking tool, recording their every movement even if they move out of the camera’s range. Capture the entire scene with the spectacular 180° panoramic mode, smoothly rotating while staying completely level. Users can edit and share photos directly from the app, while keen developers can tinker with the provided SDK to customise features and unlock hidden capabilities. ViCam will be available for iOS and Android. 

Rian Cheng, Founder and CEO at DelTron Technology, comments: “Our dream is to bring professional videography into everybody’s daily lives. Sharing our experiences of the world through pictures and video is now second nature, with over 1.8 billion digital images uploaded everyday. Whether posting on Instagram, Facebook or another social channel, we love to share what we see. Vimble S puts the power in your hand to create beautiful visual memories with complete ease.” 

Manufactured using high-grade materials, Vimble S is a sturdy and reliable travel companion. The premium device is prepared for rigorous use that any practical camera stabilizer has to go through. Small enough to be tucked away in your bag, it also has a long-lasting battery life of up to 8 hours, besting their closest competitors. Whether filming a trekking tour through a national park, catching that awesome skateboard trick, or gaining self-shooting experience as a videographer, Vimble S allows you to take on the director role with everything you create. The gimbal also opens up a wide range of angles including landscape, portrait and underslung to add variety to your shooting style.

“This isn’t just some fancy selfie stick, the technology we’ve implemented into the Vimble S sets your photo and video content apart from the mundane. Vloggers, extreme sports enthusiasts, travellers or anybody else can use features such as our intelligent face tracking to breathe new life to their videos. It does, of course, take incredible selfies too.” adds Peter Zeng, Co-Founder and CTO at DelTron Technology. 

Vimble S is available to back on Kickstarter now from US$179 and will ship to backers worldwide in January 2017 - https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/368303780/653404756?token=44cc14d5 

Vimble S Tech Specs: 


  • Angular vibration range : ±0.03°
  • Max Controllable speed: 200°/s
  • Axis freedom:
    • Tilt: 320°, Roll: 320°, Pan: 360° - Slip ring design for limitless rotation


  • Supports phones of various sizes - the iPhone series, Huawei P9 and P9 plus, Samsung Galaxy S7/edge, and other smartphones with similar dimensions
  • Standard quarter inch nut on bottom, thus Vimble can be mounted on tripod


  • Battery life: 8 hour maximum; 6 hour under heavy usage condition. also varies by temperature
  • Battery capacity: 3000mAh
  • Charging: Micro USB port


  • Model: Bluetooth 4.0

Weight & dimensions

  • 486g, including built-in battery
  • 285mm x 113mm x 60mm 

ViCam app

  • Automatic panorama
  • Face tracking
  • Night photo enhancement
  • Exposure/ Focus/ White Balance and Zoom can be easily adjusted by the control panel
  • Shooting parameter adjustable. Up to 4k/ 30fps or 720p/ 240fps
  • Upgrade firmware wirelessly
  • Motion time-lapse
  • Remote control of rotation of Vimble S