While photographing and filming our way through Sigma's booth this year at CP+ 2016 in Yokohama, one rather understated product may have just stolen the show for a number of Sony shooters, as well as our Tech Editor Rishi Sanyal.

Put simply, the Sigma MC-11 adapter allows the use of Sigma-mount and Canon-mount Sigma lenses, such as the excellent Sigma Art 35mm F1.4, to be adapted to Sony bodies with no autofocus compromises whatsoever. That means Sigma is the first brand of DSLR lenses to support Eye AF and Lock-On AF modes on Sony cameras, as well as smooth phase-detection in video. What's more, they work really well.

Don't believe us? We didn't believe it at first either. Watch the video and see for yourself why this is a huge step forward in realizing truly hybrid camera systems: where you can pair the best lens with the best camera body - for you - without severe compromises. Rishi has been so impressed that he intends to convert his Sigma 35mm Art from Nikon mount to EF mount (it's a good copy), to use with the MC-11 EF-E adapter. Why? Because the combination will be the world's first to combine the sharpness of the 35mm Art with the accuracy and convenience of Sony's on-sensor phase-detect Eye AF.

Pricing and availability of the Sigma MC-11 adapter has yet to be announced, but given Sigma's recent history of reasonably priced, premium products, we expect you'll be in for a pleasant surprise (B&H is taking pre-orders for $249).