Apple's new iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max have only been available to buy for a short period of time but it seems some users are not particularly happy with the image quality of the front camera, specifically when shooting self-portraits.

According to multiple threads on Reddit, Apple's front camera image processing creates images that looks like "really poor Photoshopping," or as if a Snapchat filter had been applied. In some of the posted samples users have also seen the subject's skin color rendered in a quite unnatural colors. Vlogger Unbox Therapy has even produced a video on the issue, shared below.

Image: Reddit / user chemicalsam

The good news is that, according to reports, Apple is already on the case. AppleInsider has confirmed with sources who are not authorized to speak on behalf of the company that the problem is being investigated. Reddit user chemicalsam, who posted the first message about the problem, also says Apple has been in touch and is "working on this issue actively."

It also seems that the over-aggressive "beautification" or skin-smoothing effect is not applied across all shipped devices. AppleInsider says it is not noticeable on any of the iPhone Xs or Xs Max devices that its staff has purchased for review or personal use.

Some degree of "beautification" is being applied to front camera images from almost all manufacturers and in many cases is user-adjustable. In any case, the problem should only be a software issue and therefore easily fixable via an update.