In an era where everyone has a camera in their pocket, incredibly, cardboard analog cameras are having a moment. It's easy to see the charms of Videre 35mm, an adorable, assemble-it-yourself pinhole camera that's seeking funding as part of Kickstarter's Gold program right now.

It's a re-tooled version of the medium-format Videre, which was fully funded on Kickstarter in 2013 by creator Kelly Angood. Her second project, a smaller version called Viddy which took 35mm and medium-format film, was successfully crowdfunded a year later.

Videre 35mm is smaller and easier to assemble than its medium-format predecessor, offering a tripod mount, redesigned film mechanism and a sturdier shutter. Angood claims that the whole thing can be assembled in about an hour, and shipping is anticipated for December 2017 – provided its $10,000 funding goal is reached. With 40 days to go the project has reached close to $4,000.