Elgato has announced the new Stream Deck Plus interface peripheral. The device includes eight customizable buttons, a narrow touchscreen display and four control dials, providing users direct access to important controls within compatible apps.

One such compatible app is DaVinci Resolve. You can use the new Stream Deck Plus to control all color parameters when editing video in Resolve. Another video editor, Adobe Premiere Pro, is also compatible. You can program the buttons and dials to perform various tasks, like exporting frames, importing media, recording voiceovers and much more.

To customize the Stream Deck Plus, you use an accompanying Stream Deck app. From there, you can drag and drop different tasks and controls from a lengthy list of apps. While the eight buttons and four dials provide considerable flexibility, the four dials also click, allowing the user to swap between different settings. For example, you could have one dial assigned to white balance and zoom.

The Stream Deck Plus may also be useful for photo editors. You can use the deck to easily access tools within Photoshop. While there's no mention of other photo apps on the product page, users have successfully customized other Elgato Stream Deck products to work with apps like Lightroom. Even if shortcuts aren't instantly accessible within the drop-down list of the Stream Deck app, you can always create custom shortcut panels.

The Stream Deck Plus is essentially the successor to 2019's Elgato Stream Deck. That product used only keys rather than keys plus dials. It also lacked a separate built-in display. Nonetheless, in our review, we remarked that it 'a tool that can be easily adapted for use by photo and video editors to streamline and speed up everyday workflows. It can take time to set it up properly and develop the muscle memory required to use it, and will probably require some ongoing tweaks to get the most out of it, but the time invested up front will be saved in use.'

The Stream Deck Plus offers more fine-tuned control thanks to the dials and touchscreen. Also, while there are fewer buttons, you can still assign hundreds of actions to Stream Deck Plus by using folders.

Elgato's Stream Deck Plus is available now for $199.99.