In an interview with Cinema5D, Sigma confirmed it’s bringing a firmware update to its full-frame fp camera that will add Log picture profile and Raw recording over HDMI.

The interview with Takuma Wakamatsu, Sigma’s product planner, took place during Inter BEE 2019. In the interview, Wakamatsu addresses a number of features that have already been confirmed to be on the horizon, such as in-camera CinemaDNG playback and still photo modes while recording video, but he also confirmed a future firmware update will include a Log picture profile in MOV mode and Raw recording over HDMI.

The Log picture profile should improve the dynamic range of the fp and offer more flexibility in post-production, while Raw recording over HDMI would allow external recorders, such as the popular Atomos Ninja V, to record ProRes RAW footage.

No specific timeframe is given for the firmware updates, but Cinema5D notes the updates will arrive in 2020 and be free of charge.

Our previous coverage of the Sigma fp includes a look inside the Aizu factory where it’s assembled, a video-centric hands-on and a photo gallery of images captured with the world’s smallest full-frame camera.