Reuters is in hot water with the IOC and PyeongChang Winter Olympics organizing committee after the news agency broadcast several images of the olympic cauldron being lit during an opening ceremony rehearsal this past weekend. The lapse—highly uncharacteristic for a major news agency with decades of experience respecting image embargoes—has gotten Reuters banned from covering the Opening Ceremony.

The news broke through the Yonhap News Agency, who is reporting that Reuters pulled the photos after the IOC and PyeongChang organizers complained.

However, as the damage had already been done, the IOC has decided to punish Reuters all the same, revoking the agency's media accreditation for the Opening Ceremony on Friday, February 9th. Furthermore, the Reuters photographer who took the leaked photos has been banned from covering the games altogether.

The PyeongChang organizing committee wants to make it clear that violating Olympic media embargoes is being taken very seriously, telling Yonhap that it will "enforce strong penalties on media companies and their reporters who disobey embargoes of the opening and closing ceremonies."