Wireless tethering is nothing new, but it's not exactly a cheap proposition. Well, that's changed, as Seattle-based photographer Alan Lawrence shows on his blog. For around $40, you can wirelessly control and transfer images from your camera to your phone or tablet.

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In short, this DIY wireless tethering requires a TP-Link MR3040 Battery Powered 3G Wireless Router, some software, a USB cable, and some time. Lawrence says the router is similar-looking to the CamRanger, a device that offers tethering functionality out-of-the-box, but the router retails for under $30 compared to the CamRanger's $299 MSRP.

Once you've got your hands on the router (and he does say you need a specific version, which is the one linked above), you'll need a $9 app called DSLR Dashboard for Android, or QDSLR Dashboard for iOS. The last thing you'll need is a compatible USB cable, and you're almost in business.

The DSLR Dashboard website has a link to download new firmware for the router, and once you've updated that, all you have to do is connect to the wireless network you've set up and launch the app. You can control your camera from your device and download files instantly after you've taken them.

You can read all the nitty gritty details over on Alan Lawrence's blog.