Lee Filters has announced it has a new filter aimed at those wanting to capture the phases of a solar eclipse. The Solar Eclipse Filter is a deep blue and cuts twenty stops of light to make brightness levels more manageable for regular cameras.

The company says it uses a blue coloration to remove damaging infrared from the sun’s rays, so users should expect to perform some color correction in post-production. As a starting point, Lee recommends bracketing around an exposure of F8 at 1/800sec and ISO 800, and points out that the filter is designed for the stages in which the sun is in partial eclipse so it needs to be removed to record the totality stages.

The Lee Solar Eclipse filter will be available for each of Lee’s three systems.

As we all know, aiming into the light shows up dust and dirty on our lenses and filters, so it is timely that Lee has also introduced a new filter cleaning fluid. ClearLee Filter Wash comes in a spray bottle of 50ml or 300ml and is formulated to remove grease from glass and resin filters.

For more information see the Lee Filters website. http://www.leefilters.com

Pricing exclusive of tax
Solar Eclipse Filter (Seven5 System) - £60.50/$95
Solar Eclipse Filter (100mm System) - £89.10/$150
Solar Eclipse Filter (SW150 System) - £113.30/$200
ClearLee Filter Wash 50ml Bottle - £7.00
ClearLee Filter Wash 300ml Bottle - £20.00

Press release

Solar Eclipse Filter

Solar eclipse photography is becoming increasingly popular, and achieving good results can be surprisingly straightforward. However, without the right sort of filter, results will be blown out and overexposed – even at the lowest ISOs and fastest shutter speeds.

In response to the needs of those who often travel the world to witness this fascinating phenomenon, LEE Filters has introduced the Solar Eclipse Filter. Available for the Seven5, 100mm and SW150 systems, the Solar Eclipse Filter is capable of reducing the intensity of light by 20 stops, bringing the exposure range down to a manageable level. It is designed to allow the user to capture the partial phases of an eclipse (the stages before and after total eclipse) with accuracy and consistency. The filter should be removed when photographing totality.

The filter simply slots into the standard LEE Filters holder, and features a foam seal at the rear, to ensure a snug fit and to avoid light leaks.

It should be noted that the Solar Eclipse Filter is suitable only for photography of eclipses, and is not recommended for general, long-exposure landscape photography. This is because it is designed to filter out some of the sun’s harmful infrared rays, and is therefore very blue in colour. Any colour cast affecting eclipse images can be corrected in postproduction, or the images converted to black and white.

Solar Eclipse Filter (Seven5 System) - £60.50 (Excl VAT)
Solar Eclipse Filter (100mm System) - £89.10 (Excl VAT)
Solar Eclipse Filter (SW150 System) - £113.30 (Excl VAT)

ClearLEE Filter Wash

In the course of the average photographic day, filters can be exposed to all sorts of potentially damaging conditions – from rain to sand to salt spray from the sea – not to mention grubby fingerprints from being handled.

Keeping filters clean not only increases their lifespan, it also means images retain their clarity and sharpness, as the sort of softness that arises from a dirty filter can be almost impossible to correct in postproduction.

ClearLEE Filter Wash has been specially formulated to cut through dirt and grease quickly, efficiently and above all, safely, and is suitable for use on both resin and glass filters.

Supplied in an aluminium bottle with a spray top, ClearLEE Filter Wash is available in 300ml and a smaller 50ml size, which is ideal for dropping into a camera bag when heading out on a shoot.

To use, simply spray directly on to the filter, then wipe with a clean microfibre or lint-free cloth. For best results, buff the filter with a fresh cloth or tissue.

50ml Bottle - £7.00 (Excl VAT)
300ml Bottle - £20.00 (Excl VAT)

For further information, contact LEE Filters www.leefilters.com