Polamatic for Android offers 36 different frames in the style of classic polaroid format.

Polaroid launches Android app

Polaroid invented the instant photographic gratification that is now felt by every mobile photographer:  now Android users can get that instant film look from the official Polaroid app. Polamatic offers 20 different photo filters and 36 frames, allowing users to add a caption on the frame — just like an old-school Polaroid photo. Polamatic has been available on iOS for a while, but this is the first time that Android users have access to the app. You can get Polamatic for $0.99 in both the iOS and Android app stores.

Vine for iOS got a major update this week. Twitter's video app added more features to the video capture tool and introduced channels.

Vine steps up its game

After Instavideo emerged to rain on Vine's 6-second parade, Twitter's video app rolled out a huge update. Vine 1.3 has a redesigned camera with new grid, focus and ghost tools. Fifteen themed channels have been added, to which you can post from the Explore screen. Read more about Vine's latest update here.

Hipstamatic and Hipstamatic Oggl updates

With new updates to Hipstamatic and its complementary creative social media app, Oggl, users can now import photos and lenses and film from Hipstmatic to share and shoot on Oggl.  You'll need both updated apps (Hipstamatic Classic version 265 and Oggl version 1.1.2) to make this work, though.