Google's Pixel devices are usually cutting edge in terms of computational photography and the current Pixel 3 device comes with an entire range of computational imaging features, including the multi-frame-stacking Night Sight low light mode.

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Now it looks like Google is planning to take things one step further with the upcoming Pixel 4 generation and offer some kind of astrophotography feature.

A fuzzy screenshot of the leaked promotional video showing off a dedicated camera mode for capturing stars.

Pro Android has managed to get hold of what appears to be an (as yet) unreleased Google Pixel 4 promotional video. The clip highlights several software features of the still unreleased device, including a Night Sight-like astrophotography mode. Unfortunately, no technical detail is provided but it is fair to assume to mode will use some combination of frame-layering techniques and artificial intelligence to create well-exposed noise-free images of the night sky.

Huawei's current flagship P30 Pro already features a multi-frame star trail mode which is capable of achieving pretty attractive results in the right circumstances. We'll have to wait until October, when the Pixel 4 is expected to be launched, to find out if Google's solution is capable of improving on the Huawei feature.