Film company Dubble Film has ended its partnership with KONO!, the German pre-exposed film producer, and instead teamed up with Revelog, the company has announced. Under the new partnership, Dubble Film has changed some of its product names, increased the number of exposures per film roll, lowered the cost per photo, and more.

Going forward, Dubble Film will sell its Moonstruck film under the new name Apollo, Monsoon under the name Pacific and Sunstroke under the name Solar. The company's Jelly and Bubblegum film names remain unchanged, however. The new product names decrease confusion between the 'Monsoon' and 'Moonstruck' options and eliminate the negative association that comes with 'Sunstroke.'

Below are a few sample images from Dubble Film's various film stocks:

Additionally, each film roll now features 36 exposures instead of 24, and though prices have increased, the overall cost-per-photo is lower than before. The new 36-exposure rolls are priced at £12 / $15.35 per roll compared to the previous £10.50 / $13.87, which works out to a per-photo price of £0.33 / $0.43 versus the previous approx. £0.42 / $0.55 cost.

According to Dubble Film founder Adam Scott, via Kosmo Foto, the new film products have better tint under the Revelog partnership. The previous Dubble Film from KONO! inventory is currently being sold at a discounted £8 / $10.53 rate by Analogue Wonderland.