While there is an abundance of old film and still camera simulation filter apps available on the App Store the selection for retro video is much more limited.

If you've been despairing of the relative lack of video filters, this is your lucky day! Rarevision is now offering a new app called VHS Camcorder that should appeal to lovers of 80s and 90s retro style. VHS Camcorder does exactly what it says on the tin and records video footage that looks like something out of an 80s America's Funniest Home Videos show, including grain, scratches and other artifacts. Apparently the sound quality matches the low resolution video.

To make things even more authentic there are date and time stamps that can be manipulated to show any year in the past. Controls are very simple but, like on that old VHS camcorder, there is a zoom function. You can also opt to record in black and white and enable a function that makes image quality even worse if the device is moved during recording. VHS Camcorder is clearly a one-trick pony but looks like the perfect companion app for your next 80s party. Installing it on your iOS device will set you back $3.99 - ironically, about the same as you'd expect to pay for an actual VHS camcorder at a junk shop.

You can find more information about the app on the Rarevision website or download VHS Camcorder from the Apple App Store.

Via: Techcrunch