Photo by Jakob Owens

Nikon users who are out there wishing for a full-frame mirrorless camera from the storied Japanese brand have two more reasons to feel hopeful today. It seems Nikon has filed two new patents for full-frame mirrorless lenses in Japan: one for a Nikon 52mm F0.9, and another for a 36mm F1.2.

The patents were spotted by Japanese site hi-lows-note, and come complete with a few lens diagrams so you can ogle the lens elements while you cross your fingers even tighter.

Here's the 52mm F0.9 diagram:

And the 36mm F1.2:

It's worth noting that this isn't the first time Nikon has patented a full-frame mirrorless lens—two zoom lenses for FF mirrorless were patented three years apart, one in 2014 and another earlier this year. But while a patent does not a new lens confirm, the more of these lenses Nikon puts on paper, the more hopeful we'll be that a full-frame Nikon mirrorless camera is on the way.

For more on that possibility, read the official statement Nikon sent us on their future mirrorless camera plans.