Handy Photo offers editing tools with complex controls. The Magic Crop tool extends your image with a quick swipe, you can see it filling in the black space above. The tool seemed to work fairly well for uncomplicated portions of the scene above, such as the sand and sky, but had a harder time with the palm trees at the top of the image.

Released yesterday, Handy Photo offers some heavy duty editing features for mobile devices. 

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During our quick play with the app we were impressed by the Magic Crop tool which easily allows you to expand an image, increasing your background in any direction with the swipe of a finger. The same tool also allows for straightening of a horizon line without reducing image size as the Magic Crop tool fills in parts of the background that would have been cropped out. 

The Magic Crop tool lets you adjust a horizon line by rotating your image, and automatically fills in portions of the image that would be cropped by copying the nearby pixel patterns.

We also appreciated that the Clone Stamp tool gives significant control over the stamp pattern, smoothness, size and more. Handy Photo also lists the history of all your changes as you make them, allowing you to selectively go back in time in much the same way as you would use the history window in Photoshop.

There's plenty more tools we're eager to explore, including the app's Retouch and Move Me tools; we look forward to putting Handy Photo through further testing.

Handy Photo is now available for both Android and iOS for $1.99.

Watch Handy Photo in action, below: