If you’re a Sony user with a weak stomach, you might want to look away for this one. Photographer and YouTuber Arthur R shared a video this past week that looks at just how scratch-proof an image sensor is.

Admittedly, this isn’t the most scientific of tests, as he’s using a scrap sensor and doesn’t put it back into the camera to see if any damage not visible to the eye is affecting image quality, but it’s an interesting test nonetheless. Using small tape, Arthur divides the sensor — taken from a Sony a6000 — into four quadrants and uses four different mediums to test the durability of the sensor: dust, dirt, oils and a knife.

As Arthur details in the ten-minute video, the durability of the sensor is impressive, at least to the naked eye. Dust, dirt and oils didn’t show any noticeable markings and even the box cutter abuse only yielded a few scratches. Granted, it’s possible smaller scratches that could affect image quality may be able to be seen with a microscope, it still came out better than he expected.

You can find more videos from Arthur R over on his YouTube Channel.