Amazingly, there's no built-in method to finding out how many shutter actuations your Canon DSLR has amassed. Thankfully though, there are third-party solutions to help get the job done.

One such solution is the recently-updated EOS Inspector 2, a MacOS app that's improved upon the original version of EOS Inspector and created by independent Russian developer Konstantin Pavlikhin.

EOS Inspector 2 details the shutter actuations of 65 Canon cameras — a list of which you can find here — including Live View shots with supported cameras. The app also details the serial number, battery charge level, remaining shots estimate and the installed firmware version.

To help you gauge how much longer you can expect your camera's shutter to function, EOS Inspector 2 also shows the expected shutter life for your camera. It's also possible to change the metadata fields the camera applies to images, including owners name, author and copyright.

EOS Inspector 2 is currently available in the Mac App Store for an introductory price of $2.99. If you're upgrading from the original EOS Inspector app, the update is free.