Zeiss has announced a substantial firmware update for its $6,000 Android-powered ZX1 camera that adds face-detection autofocus, an updated version of Adobe Lightroom and more. The best part is, firmware version 1.4 for the ZX1 is available to download directly to the camera over Wi-Fi.

The first new feature Zeiss notes is face-detection autofocus, which works in both Single and Continuous AF shooting modes. While the ZX1 will detect faces on its own, you can also specify a face by tapping on the live view touchscreen display. Zeiss has also added full-res DNG rendering when viewing images in Gallery mode as well as an updated version of Adobe Lightroom (version 6.2).

A screenshot of the face-detection AF mode as seen on the camera's liveview touchscreen.

The update also adds support for Zeiss’ ZX1 Companion App for Android and iOS, which enables remote control and liveview as well as photo geotagging using the GPS data from your mobile device. Other improvements include support for multiple recipients when sharing media via link or email, auto-completion of email addresses when sharing media and better language support (French, Italian and Spanish).

Zeiss has also improved AF consistency, improved battery consumption in sleep mode and added support for special characters in username when connected to FTP servers.

You can read the full changelog here. If you have a ZX1, the update should be available from within the camera’s menu system.