Photo courtesy Intel

The Super Bowl is American football's premier event, and the big game is traditionally paired with an equally big halftime performance. This year's show featured pop star Lady Gaga, who began her set with a pre-taped segment featuring a fleet of 300 drones as part of a choreographed, aerial light show.

The drone fleet is known as Intel's Shooting Star Drones and are specially designed for choreographed performances like the one we saw last night. Each vehicle has built-in LED lights, weighs 10oz/280g and can fly at up to 3 m/s (6.7 mph) during a light show. The show can be controlled by a single pilot, though Intel mentions that a backup pilot is always on hand.

So how do you choreograph 300 dancing drones? Intel says it takes 'days or weeks' to create the light show depending on the complexity.

'Intel’s proprietary algorithims automate the animation creation process by using a reference image, quickly calculating the number of drones needed, determining where drones should be placed, and formulating the fastest path to create the image in the sky.'

This isn't the fleet's first show – Intel has also put on drone-powered light shows in Sydney and Orlando – but it is the first nationally televised event that it has participated in. You can check out the full performance below.