The Fujifilm X-T2 Graphite Silver Edition is now available for purchase from several online retailers for $1800 (without battery grip). This special edition brings all of the X-T2’s features alongside a triple-layer coating finish described as both ‘durable and aesthetic.’ The special edition camera is joined by an aluminum hot shoe, graphite silver EF-X8 shoe-mounted flash, and a leather camera strap.

The Graphite Silver’s triple-layer coating is preceded by an antioxidant treatment for the camera’s magnesium body, which is followed by the coating’s first layer, a matte black primer. That primer is then covered with paint particles using Thin-Film Multilayer Coating Technology, lending the graphite silver appearance. The last layer is a clear coat to add both shine and durability.

The camera has appeared on multiple retailers' websites, including B&H Photo, Ace Photo, and Adorama. A model that includes a battery grip is also offered for $1900. 

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Via: Fujiaddict