Samsung announced its Exynos 9820 chipset, which will likely power the company's 2019 flagship smartphones, including the Galaxy S10, late last year. Now Samsung has unveiled additional detail on the new processor in a press release.

Of course, it's the new chipset's imaging capabilities of interest and on paper it looks like the Exynos 9820 won't disappoint. It will be able to manage up to five camera modules. It's already known at least one version of the Galaxy S10 will likely come with a triple-camera on the back. This leaves enough processing power for a front dual-camera as well.

In addition devices equipped with the chipset will be able to record 8K video using a 10-bit HEVC codec. This doesn't necessarily mean such high-res video will be standard on the Galaxy S10 at launch, but it's good to know any Exynos 9820-equipped devices will be future-proof in terms of video and an 8K mode could possibly be activated via firmware update.

On the display side of things the new chipset can manage 4K displays with HDR10+ and dynamic tone mapping.

Non-imaging highlights include a tri-cluster setup with a mix of Samsung custom cores and ARM designs, a Mali-G76 12-core design that is 40% faster than last year’s GPU, a neural processing unit (NPU) that is seven times faster than the previous version and a 8nm LPP process, which requires 10% less power than the 10nm LPP process from last year.

More detail can be found on the Samsung website.