Globell, a software distributor and the company behind Meyer-Optik Gorlitz lenses, has announced it plans to introduce a new screen calibration device if it gets enough support from the Kickstarter campaign it has just begun. The company claims its proposed globellColorMeter can calibrate almost any computer monitor in three steps that take less than five minutes, and that the device will remain accurate for years.

The meter uses a lens developed with Meyer-Optik and a glass cover that won’t dis-color, according to Globell. Designed and built in Germany, the company says its device offers an alternative to calibration systems that are ‘technically ambitious but complicated and expensive to use‘ or ‘easy to use and affordable, but unable to function at a sufficiently high standard‘. Globell describes the globellColor, which comes with software for PC and Mac, as ‘affordable‘ and ‘the most precise, easy-to-use product in its price range‘.

The company expects the product to retail at $250, but is offering early-bird deals from $99. For more information see the Kickstarter page.

Press release:

globellColor: Color management on Kickstarter

Color management made in Germany: leading color management company Globell is launching a Kickstarter project for its new globellColor product range at

Tegelen, July 2016 – Natural colors on all monitors and in printed photos: the globellColor product range makes color management simpler, better and faster. In order to get the word out to an international audience, Globell has started a worldwide Kickstarter campaign at

This Globell solution is 100% made in Germany and delivers accurate calibration for all major monitor types and other display devices for both Mac and Windows. This benefits private users, photographers, design agencies and gamers.

True colors on all display devices
globellColor is affordable for everyone, easy to use and delivers professional quality calibration. To ensure this, the company developed its own colorimeter based on the latest technology and drew on expert knowledge and the optical expertise of lens specialists Meyer-Optik-Görlitz. The durable glass filter of the globellColorMeter will always provide accurate and consistently correct calibration and profiling - even after several years of use. The solution also includes powerful and user-friendly software for both Windows and Mac.

"We combine modern sensor technology and durability with sophisticated software to create an ideal tool for any professional or amateur photographer," explains Thomas Kuligowski, globellColor Product Manager. "As a long-standing innovation partner for digital image processing, we are pleased to launch globellColor, a complete color management solution that is made in Germany. On completion of the successful Kickstarter project, we will expand the globellColor product range further to include more products.”

The Kickstarter campaign launches today (July 13, 2016) and ends on August 14, 2016. Supporters have the unique opportunity to acquire the innovative globellColor technology at an exceptionally low price starting at $99, with the RRP expected to be $249. After the products are delivered to campaign supporters this fall, they will be launched on the market.

globellColor features
- Fast and accurate calibration and profiling
- Easy to use: no experience required
- Can be used immediately: predefined calibration settings
- Also for professionals: customizable calibration settings
- Ability to examine results: before/after comparison
- Can be used with almost all monitor technologies
- Measure multiple monitors in a workplace
- High-quality glass lenses powered by Meyer-Optik-Görlitz
- Non-ageing glass filter
- View of the representable color space as a 3D model
- Many hardware-calibratable monitors supported
- Software also supports some third-party sensors
- Compatible with Windows and Mac

Technical requirements
Minimum RAM: 512MB, min. 150MB of free hard disk space, Windows (32-bit and 64-bit): XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8.X, Win 10, Pentium or AMD K7; Mac OS: Mac 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, 10.11, Intel Hardware, Mac processors: Intel only. PowerPC not supported, USB connection