iFixit tears into tech to determine its "fixability" factor, as they recently did with the Microsoft Surface Pro.

When talking tablets, we're usually focused on tech: screen size, display quality, battery life, operating system and other specs greatly influence which slate we'll choose to ameliorate our gear kit. 

The folks at iFixit look deeper: by taking apart high-tech devices, they assess the quality of materials used, design considerations and ultimately offer up a repairability score, based on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the easiest to fix.

Today iFixit is sharing its list of best-selling tablets rated by repairability. At the top of the list, with a score of 9, is Dell's XPS 10. A modular, clean design held together by only 20 screws, iFixit found the tablet easy to dissamble.

The Microsoft Surface Pro fell last on the list with a score of 1. We recently shared the full teardown of the device, which the iFixit pros found to have the most adhesive they've ever seen on a small device.

While tech specs may still be at the top of your mind when purchasing a tablet, iFixit CEO Kyle Wiens urges consumers to think about the "fixability" factor as well.

"We want people to make informed decisions, as their votes influence how hardware manufacturers choose to design in the future," Wiens said. "Some may care that their tablets are easy to repair and upgrade; others may not. Our hope is that through customers' votes, manufacturers will create long-lasting, easy-to-repair hardware that we can all love."

You can read iFixit's full list of tablets rated by repairability on their website.

Let's hear from you: Is "fixability" a consideration when you make a tablet or other tech purchase?