Archivists Dr. Johnathan Burgess and Jason Scott have published 2,400 previously unseen images of Ground Zero in the days following the 9/11 attacks. The images were found on old CDs purchased from a house clearance sale in New York and shared by a ‘partner’ of Dr. Burgess because it's ‘about doing what's right for humanity,’ according to a statement he made to the BBC.

Dr. Burgess said the CDs were in poor condition after so many years in storage, and that a recovery service was used to retrieve some of the photos. At this time, the duo hasn't been able to locate the photographer or any family members who may know them. Scott says the images were captured with the 3MP Canon PowerShot G1.

The full archive of images has been made available to the public via Flickr. The photos appear to have been taken by a construction worker in the aftermath of the attacks. Emergency and construction workers are featured prominently in the images, as well as debris from the fallen buildings, machinery, dust and the surrounding New York City skyline, including multiple aerial shots.

Dr. Burgess suggests that ‘people who are moved by [the images] should consider donating to a worthy cause of their choice,’ according to the BBC report.