A screenshot from Nikon Rumors showing the Facebook post and accompanying video.

Earlier today, Nikon Europe published a number of posts to social media teasing the development of its D6 camera, the not-yet-official next generation flagship DSLR from Nikon.

The posts, which were shared on Nikon Europe’s official Twitter and a Facebook account called ‘NikonLifeEU’, all teased the arrival of the D6 in text and included an attached video as well. As seen in the screenshots, shared with permission from Nikon Rumors, the two Twitter posts read:

The newly announced #D6 development will reinforce Nikon DSLR’s advantage in #sports#photojournalism.

The Facebook post also shared a video, but read:

The newly announced #D6 development will reinforce Nikon’s DSLR’s advantage in sports photo journalism. Top Pro and #D5 user Joel Maryland talks about how Nikon’s cutting edge technology has helped him stay ahead of the game. Stay tuned for more from #Nikon!

As noted by Nikon Rumors reader br0xibear, the video posted alongside the text wasn’t new footage, but a video of Nikon Europe ambassador Joel Marklund talking about shooting with the Nikon D5 at the Olympics. So, while there was no explicit mention of the D6 in the video, the text is very clear a Nikon D6 DSLR is on the way.

We have contacted Nikon to confirm whether or not the ‘NikonLifeEU’ Facebook page is its official account, but considering it too removed the development teasers and the rest of its post history mirrors the official Nikon Europe Twitter account, it seems likely to be the case.