If you are the kind of photographer who likes backing up your images and other data in the cloud, you should have a closer look at the new cloud storage plans that have just been announced by Google.

The new plans are called Google One, and they replace the existing Google Drive plans. There is a 100GB option for $2 a month, $3 a month get you 200GB of storage and a full 2TB will set you back $10 a month. The latter represents a 50% price reduction compared to the equivalent Google Drive plan.

As a consequence, the existing 1TB/$10 plan is discontinued but, as before, you can still get up to 30TB for $300 a month if you're really storage hungry. Storage space can be used for storing any kind of files on Google Drive, attachments and emails in Gmail, and original quality images and videos (including 4K resolution) in Google Photos.

The new plans all come with live chat support—which previously exclusive to G Suite business account users—and will roll out in the US "in the coming months" before migrating to other regions shortly thereafter.