In the latest version of 645 Pro, you can adjust the different "films" for brightness, contrast, saturation, and more.

645 Pro's latest update has given the iOS app a complete makeover. Now called 645 Pro Mk II, Jaggr's "professional" photo app doesn't look much like its predecessor. To start, the user interface is completely different. Instead of resembling an old analog camera with every variable given its own button, 645 Pro Mk II utilizes a menu feature similar to a modern DSLR.

With this new menu comes many new capture options. Users can now choose a 3-shot burst or bracket, change focus locking settings, and adjust the night exposure time limit. Just like the last version of 645 Pro, 645 Pro Mk II allows for the saving of lossless TIFF files and will embed the photographer's copyright information into the image.

The old 645 Pro had buttons on the left and right, displaying photo information on the bottom of the screen.
645 Pro Mk II keeps the buttons and dials on the bottom and right of the viewfinder, leaving the photo information over the image.

Aside from the user interface changes, 645 Pro Mk II has introduced new customizable film modes. Each of the nine film options allows users to adjust contrast, brightness, saturation and white balance. 

Fans of the original version of 645 Pro may want to hold off on updating the app until they are ready to spend some time getting used to a brand new interface. Personally, I found the latest version easier to navigate than the original. When users have any questions about the app, they can open up 645 Pro Mk II's 48-page in-app user manual.

If you already have 645 Pro, then you can download the "Mk II" version now for free. The 645 Pro update also came with a $1 price increase if you didn't already own it.

645 Pro Mk II is now available in the iOS App Store for $3.99.