Apple's iOS 12.1 software update will fix a bug causing the "beautygate" scandal impacting the iPhone XS and XS Max, according to The Verge. Critics have complained about overly smooth skin in selfies taken with the front-facing camera on the iPhone XS, believing it to be the result of a beauty filter akin to what Samsung uses on some of its phones.

Earlier this month, Sebastiaan de With, developer of iOS camera app Halide, had placed blame for the issue on excessive noise reduction, but The Verge reports that Smart HDR is to blame. The feature may incorrectly choose a base frame captured with a longer shutter speed, using this frame for preserving detail in the selfie.

The lack of optical image stabilization for the front camera may result in a slight blur on the frame that smooths out some details, this producing the "beauty filter" look some users have complained about. According to the report, iOS 12.1, which is currently in beta, will fix Smart HDR so that it chooses a frame captured with a short shutter speed, eliminating the issue.