Perfect Shot won't take the photo until everyone's eyes are open and they are smiling.

App developer John Meyer was a pre-teen when Steve Jobs launched the first iPhone. Like most American teens, he is part of the smartphone generation. But unlike most 18-year-olds, Meyer isn't just using his iPhone for pre-party selfies, he's developing apps, and lots of them.

Since his freshman year of high school, Meyer has made over 40 apps for iOS, Mac and Android that did everything from turn your phone into a flashlight to aquarium-themed educational screensavers. Meyer's latest project is a photography app for group photos.

Perfect Shot uses the facial recognition tool on iOS 7 to wait until everyone in the photo has open eyes and smiles before taking the photo. Simpler than the head-swapping group photos apps available for Android and Windows Phone 8, Perfect Shot tries to capture the best group photo the first time instead of relying on editing tools to swap out unwanted facial expressions afterwards.

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