You can now upload your iPhoto library to Dropbox in one quick step.

When you plug in your card reader to your Mac computer, a few apps will start jumping on the dock. For me, iPhoto and Dropbox both pop up, asking me to download my images with their applications — iPhoto storing photos to my computer's harddrive and Dropbox to its cloud service. After my photos are downloaded to iPhoto, they are hidden in a maze of folders, making mass exporting a little difficult. Dropbox, on the other hand, needs internet access to retrieve the photos.

While it is certainly possible to download to both services separately, the process just got a lot easier. In the latest update for its Mac app, Dropbox included a tool to copy iPhoto photos to Dropbox. Once the photos are uploaded to Dropbox, you can view them on Dropbox's website, share them or even download them to your mobile device to post on Instagram.

Dropbox's Mac app will also now allow for the automatic uploading of screenshots — similar to the Camera Uploads feature of its iOS application. 

Read more about Dropbox's latest update here.