Nikon Japan has issued an apology advising Nikon Z7 buyers that some pre-ordered deliveries will be delayed. The company plans to start delivering its newly announced full-frame mirrorless camera to early buyers in September, but Nikon says high demand for the model will result in some customers receiving their products at a later date.

The apology also warns that Nikon Z7 orders placed in the future may take some time to deliver, though Nikon didn't offer specific timeframes; the 500mm F5.6 PF ED VR lens will also be impacted. A recent report published by Myzaker claims Nikon is producing 20,000 of its Z7 mirrorless cameras per month at a factory in Sendai, Japan.

We received the following comment from Nikon US:

"Interest in the Nikon Z series has been exceptional. We will work to fulfill customer demand as quickly as possible and will be shipping product as scheduled beginning September 27."