Apple’s Self Service Repair Program is now available across eight European countries, providing repair manuals and genuine Apple parts for those who want to attempt DIY repairs.

Apple has announced that customers in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom can now purchase genuine Apple components for select devices to repair their iPhone 12, iPhone 13 and Mac notebooks powered by Apple silicon. This announcement comes just over a year after Apple launched the program in the United States.

At launch, Apple’s European Self Service Repair Store will offer access to over 200 parts and tools, in addition to repair manuals to guide users through the repair process. Apple is also offering week-long tool rental kits for anyone who doesn’t want to purchase the tools for one-off repairs.

As noted with the initial release of the program, simply having access to the original components and repair manuals is only half the battle. You’ll still need to have a decent bit of technical know-how to disassemble, replace the broken component(s) and reassemble the device. But if you’re confident in your abilities and want to save some money compared to going into an authorized Apple repair center, this is a great option.

It’s also another step in the right direction towards the global Right to Repair effort, which advocates for the right of consumers to repair their own electronic devices.

You can read the full announcement on Apple’s website.