Editor’s Note (September 30, 2019): In the original version of this article we incorrectly identified Business Transformation/IS Department as its imaging sensor division when it is, in fact, the Information Services division and misstated where in the company its reorganization was occurring. We have corrected the body of this article and changed the headline to reflect this (the original headline is somewhat visible as the permalink).

Sony has announced it's reorganizing its information services division and will be giving new titles to various management positions tomorrow, October 1, 2019.

In a press release, Sony notes its ‘Business Transformation/IS Department’ is being reorganized to ‘Corporate IS Department.’ Sony has also streamlined its research and development (R&D) organizations by combining the divisions within each of the three R&D organizations: Application Technology Development, System and Platform Technology Development, and Fundamental Technology Research and development.

The section of the press release detailing the 'Organizational Reforms' within Sony.

With the reorganized structure comes new titles for multiple division heads and Senior Vice President Makoto Toyoda.

The section of the press release detailing the 'Personnel Appointments' within Sony.

No answer is given as to why the changes are being made and what they could mean for consumers, but it’s something we’ll be keeping an eye on it.