Accessories manufacturer Manfrotto has launched a pair of carbon fiber tripods for videographers that it claims are 50% more rigid than their aluminum counterparts and which come in a choice of configurations. The CF Twin Leg models feature dual risers and offer users a choice of leg spreading braces. The first model has a removable middle spreader half way up the legs and the other has the spreader attached to the feet. Both can have rubber or spiked feet, and are essentially the same in all other respects.

A 100mm bowl comes as standard along with a 75mm adapter to make the set-up compatible with a wider range of heads, and the legs are available as an optional kit with the Nitrotech N8 and N12 video heads as well as the 504. The legs in either configuration will cost £659.95/$699.95 with no head, and are available for pre-order on the Manfrotto website.

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  • Carbon fibre with new internal lock mechanism
  • 100mm bowl with 75mm aluminium adapter
  • 50% increased rigidity*

Manfrotto, world leader in the photography, videography, imaging equipment and accessories industry, has expanded its video tripod range with two new twin-leg video tripods made of carbon fibre.

The two brand-new, twin-leg video tripod models are the perfect solution for professional videographers looking for robust, rigid and lightweight support.

A 50% increase in rigidity* is achieved thanks to the combination of carbon-fibre tubes and a new patent-pending internal leg lock mechanism.

Manfrotto’s two new twin-leg carbon-fibre video tripods feature a 100mm bowl and include a 75mm aluminium adapter, for compatibility with a wider range of video heads.
Moreover, the tripod feet with spiked option give great versatility when it comes to different shooting locations.

The twin-leg carbon fibre tripods are available in two models: the first with an easily removable middle spreader and telescopic arms, and the second with a ground spreader, telescopic arms and incorporated rubber shoes.

Both twin-leg carbon-fibre tripods are also available in combination with Manfrotto Nitrotech N12, N8 and 504 video heads.

All Manfrotto video tripods are engineered with a focus on quality and dedication to continuous innovation. These products are the perfect solution for all videographers looking for a great support for their video shooting. Manfrotto’s new twin-leg carbon-fibre tripods will take support for their video gear to the next level.

*Compared with the Manfrotto aluminium versions 546B, 546GB, 545B, 545GB.

RRP £659.95. For more information, please visit