The Fujifilm X-T3 has already shown its video prowess, but without an ecosystem of accessories to further expand the video capabilities the system remains somewhat neutered. Thankfully, accessory manufacturers are hopping onboard, including LockCircle with the new LockPort XT3 HDMI, an HDMI port saver for the Fujifilm X-T3 camera system.

Not the adapter plate appears to leave plenty of space for access to the other ports on the side of the X-T3.

Like other port adapters and connectors, the LockPort XT3 HDMI is designed to not only simplify the process of attaching a full-size HDMI cable to an X-T3, but also protect the main micro HDMI connection by making it an external connection that faces towards the rear of the camera thanks to the included micro to full-size HDMI adapter.

The kit retails for $119 / €99,00 (plus taxes and shipping) and includes the Baseplate, Adapter MicroCage, micro to full-size HDMI adapter, two hex tools and four hex screws for securing the adapter to the baseplate. The LockPort XT3 HDMI is CNC machined from billet aluminum and anodized in Italy.

LockCircle says the LockPort Adapter features gold-plated contacts and the baseplate works on ‘every plate, head, sliding plate, rig and support.’

You can find out more information and order the LockPort XT3 HDMI on the LockCircle website. It might not be a revolutionary product, but seeing accessory manufacturers take the X-T3 as a serious video tool is a welcomed sight.