CyberLink launched PhotoDirector 11, PowerDirector 18, and other updates to its creative software today, adding major new features like performance improvements for the latest R9 and i9 chipsets, AI-powered tools, 1:1 square video support for Instagram and Facebook, new transition effects, and more.

PhotoDirector 11 has been updated with Customizable Warped and Bevel & Emboss text effects in layer editing, the latter of which includes a layer editing tool with access to all of the 'key' editing and adjustment features, according to CyberLink. As well, the updated software now features AI Deblur and AI Styles, tools that use the software's AI engine to remove blurs and add brushstrokes to images.

Joining the product is the updated PowerDirector 18, which has received a number of new features, including support for 1:1 square video and nested projects, new transition effects, motion graphics and animated tile templates, and Shape Designer, a tool for adding and editing vector shapes in videos.

AudioDirector 10 and ColorDirector 8 bring fewer, though no less significant, updates with the addition of AI Dewind for audio clips and Punch & Roll Recording for long audio tracks (AudioDirector), as well as Color Match for standardizing scene color and Color Replacement with Keyframe Control (ColorDirector).

When purchased individually, CyberLink charges the following prices for its four products:

Customers also have various 365 subscription options, including Director Suite 365 for $29.99/month or $129.99/year; this pack includes the four updated applications listed above, as well as unlimited access to 100GB of CyberLink Cloud storage, the company's exclusive AI Style Packs, as well as its premium effects, plug-ins, and other content packs.