With 360-degree video capture becoming more popular and affordable there is also an increased demand for 360-degree video editing applications. The Collect app is now a new option that aims to make editing 360-degree videos as easy as possible.

The app allows you to transform 360-degree into a more easily digestible format by transforming it into directed traditional videos and guiding the viewer's attention through smooth cinematic camera transitions. This is done by adding points of interest and sharing the final videos to social media where they can be watched just like any normal clip.

The app can frame 360-degree footage into different aspect ratios and export clips with up to 4k resolution. The app is also capable of creating so-called “tiny planet” effects and blurring away a selfie-stick that might have been used during capture.

In addition you can combine and trim clips and and create slow/fast motion video as well as add music, filters and stickers. Specific 360-degree specific editing features include horizon-fix and point of view modification.

For more information watch the video below or visit the Collect website. A beta version of the app is now available to download free from Google Play. iPhone users can sign up on the Collect website to be included in the list of alpha users.