The fate of Canon’s EF-M APS-C camera lineup doesn’t appear to be all that promising, but camera accessory manufacturer Meike isn’t giving up hope yet. Today, the company announced the MK-EFTM-C, an EF to EF-M adapter with an integrated drop-in variable neutral density (VND) filter.

This isn’t the first EF to EF-M adapter with a built-in VND filter, with that spot going to Commlite, but the Meike adapter doesd come with a clear drop-in filter as well, so you can use the adapter without the VND for times when you need all the light you can get—something the Commlite adapter doesn’t offer.

The MK-EFTM-C supports full EXIF and data transmission, meaning image stabilization and autofocus should work for EF and EF-S lenses attached to the adapter. The adapter is constructed of metal and is both dust and water resistant, according to Meike. The drop-in VND filter that comes with the adapter offers 1.5 to 9 stops of light reduction depending on the strength you have it set to.

The adapter measures 73mm (2.9”) in diameter by 26.7mm (1”) long and weighs 126g (4.4oz). The Meike MK-EFTM-C is available to purchase through Meike’s online shop for $160, a $20 premium over Commlite’s offering. It comes with the adapter, front and rear caps, a drop-in VND filter and a clear filter.