A new Kickstarter campaign is seeking funds for Solarcan, a single-use pinhole camera that's housed in a tall soda can. This long-exposure camera is intended to capture the sun's path over the course of several days onto a 5x7 piece of Ilford Pearl photographic paper. Users then remove the top of the can using a can opener and 'develop' the film using a smartphone app.

According to Solarcan's Kickstarter campaign, this would be the first ever mass-produced solargraphy camera, one that ships preassembled so that users merely mount it in a particular location and then reveal the photographic paper to sunlight by removing a small black tab from the can. After several days (or longer) have passed, the can is opened and the photo negative is removed.

Users then take a picture of the photo negative using the Solarcan smartphone app, which inverts the image, 'developing' it as a digital photo with proper colors. According to the Kickstarter page, a total of 1,000 units of Solarcan are in the pipeline for production; interested backers can pledge £12 (about $15) or more to reserve a unit. Shipping to backers is expected to start next month.