Artificial bokeh modes in smartphone camera apps that simulate a shallow depth of field are getting better and better, but there are still a lot of older devices around that don't offer the feature. Equally, the users of bokeh-mode-equipped phones might have images on their camera roll that were captured in standard mode and could benefit from a simulated depth treatment.

In both cases the new DPTH app should be worth a closer look. Its makers promise the app can add adjustable depth of field and 3D photo effects to any image, whether taken on a single lens device or captured on a triple-cam high-end smartphone. The app uses artificial intelligence to detect foreground and background elements in an image and create a depth map which is then used for creating the effects.

The makers of the app don't provide much information about how exactly how the process works but the demo video below gives you an idea of what the final results can look like. The app is available for iOS and Android devices and uses a subscription model, either $1.49 per month or $7.49 per year. A free trial is available. Head over to the DPTH website for app store links.